Company Profile

Company Profile

Beijing New Universal Environmental and Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (NEWU EET) was founded in 2007, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NEWU (stock code: 300472). Our talented, experienced team has very strong technical background in the atmosphere and water treatment. NEWU EET’s business mainly includes the treatment of VOC waste gas in the fields of rubber, petrochemical, paint spraying, pharmacy and so on; the air pollution control in the field of power station boilers, industrial furnaces and so on. Our company are members of many groups, including China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chinese environmental protection industry waste gas purification Committee, the environmental protection industry Chinese desulfurization and denitration Committee, Tianjin and surrounding six provinces of low-carbon energy-saving environmental protection industry alliance.

1.NEWU EET’s National R&D Center. NEWU EET’s R&D center was established in 2016 in Baodi Industrial Park in Tianjin. It has a 3000 m2 environmental engineering laboratory, specializing in the research of waste gas and water pollution control. The company formed strategic cooperation with Tianjin University, Tongji University and Beijing Jiaotong University, forming an industrial alliance. We have a deep R&D cooperation with Beihang University, Beijing Chemical Industry University, Nanjing Tech University, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We established a whole industrial chain of policy, manufacturing, studying, research and application.

2.NEWU EET in the field of air and water treatment has established strategic cooperation with many international famous environmental engineering companies. NEWU EET has a strong technical backing and international advanced technology of priority, such as: introducing national advanced environmental protection technologies of Korea Enbion Co.,Ltd, Japan's muromachi Co.,Ltd, CERAM Co.,Ltd, GOYEN Co.,Ltd, FUEL TECH Co.,Ltd,  etc.

3.Powerful Manufacturing Capacity. NEWU EET has four production bases, which are Beijing Sifang Tongxing Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd., Wuhu New Universal Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin New Universal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianzhongfang Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. With the headquarters’ abundant resources, NEWU EET has great strength in R&D, manufacturing, after-sale services and other areas. Meantime, we have service centers in Tsingtao, Hefei, Djakarta, Thailand, etc. which provide quick and responsive customers support.

4.Complete series of environmental protection product, which can maximum limit satisfy the customer’s requirement. After years of accumulation, the company has formed mature and reliable products. For example, effective comprehensive treatment of VOCs "efficient exhaust purification all-in-one (EPA)" "catalytic oxidation all-in-one (COA)", suitable for industrial wastewater ultra-low emissions "electrodialysis technique (EDR)", suitable for the various types of new rural town sewage disposal "NEWU integration efficient purification tank" "efficient air tower spray absorption spin lotus root technology" "efficient atomization absorption odor oxide waste gas processing", "efficient biological waste gas governance", NEWU EET has patent technologies for waste gas and water treatment, and which has used in the chemical industry, leather, sewage treatment, waste compression station, sewage pumping station, the food industry, rubber factory, pharmaceutical and coating industries has carried on the widespread application, the environmental protection departments at various levels and the user's wide acclaim. By December 2016, the company had 181 patents for invention patents and utility models, 35 software copyright, and 12 national standard formulation and participation review.

5.With Inner Mongolia university of technology of coal solid waste high value use of the local joint engineering research center of the country to form strategic cooperation, the cooperation will be relying on the local coal base in Inner Mongolia solid waste industrialization of high value utilization technology and development, provide technical support as the core, the continued development of coal solid waste and coal ash high value of recycling the core technology and equipment, which can realize the maximum utilization of fly ash, formed the collection research and development, design and production services in the integration of coal base solid waste, environmental materials, energy-saving materials, recycle economy of ecological restoration technology innovation system, reduce the secondary pollution, thoroughly implement the requirements of green circular economy. The center was approved by the national development and reform commission (NDRC [2015] 3173).

6.NEWU EET has a engineering experienced team with design, construction, operation and after-sale service, relying on strong capital market can use a variety of business model (EPC, the PPP) to provide users with efficient, high quality and safety in all kinds of environmental engineering.



管理方針:管理以制度為基 以人為本

經營理念:誠信合作 精益求精 多邊共贏 共榮共享

執行力文化:注重承諾  責任心 強調以結果為導向







General Manager's Speech

As the days went past and time flies, Beijing new universal environmental engineering and technology Co., Ltd. has been ten years of glorious history. It is 10 years of trials and hardships, the challenge is to sail striving forward ten years is ten years, is the pursuit of excellence in ten years. The decade we walked through a period of use of struggle of the road paved with sweat and effort. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the employees who have worked hard in all their jobs and to support all sectors of the community!

Since it was founded in 2007, NEWU EET has always been adhering to the "Shouldering social mission and building ecological civilization" of the enterprise purpose, fully committed to solve the problem of industrial waste gas, waste water and solid waste, to provide efficient, advanced and quality environmental engineering services for both domestic and foreign countries. The company takes the development of environmental protection as its own responsibility, to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength, innovative development, and it has become the rubber industry's first line well-known environmental protection brand.

Achievement only represents the past, and the future needs to be redoubled. With our professional, efficient and high quality services, we have received wide acclaim from all circles of users and environmental protection departments at all levels. NEWU EET will be through continuous technology innovation and improve the industrial chain, leading the industry forefront, for the country's real contribution management of air pollution, water pollution management, become the "leader".

Looking back the past, NEWU EET has come out of its own way with its own diligence and sweat. To see the present, the hardships and wisdom have made the rapid and efficient development of enterprises. Looking forward to the future, NEWU EET will continue to adhere to the concept of technological innovation and sustainable development to cope with the changing market. "Passionate Career For A Green World" NEWU EET will continue to be full of enthusiasm, unchanging feelings to renew the new yuan environmental protection development and growth of a new chapter. "Walk alone fast, walk crowd far" NEWU EET is willing to join hands with colleagues from all walks of life, win-win cooperation, casting China's clear blue sky!


Historical process

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